[Ee-Dra]   fig tree
Having met at York University in 2017, we found in each other a common seedling sprouting from the same root
- a love for the hidden, the surreal, and the interconnected. 
In 2020, we developed IDRA as a creative unit to develop together our multiple creative and commercial projects. We are Raghed and Atefeh, and IDRA is the fruit of our collaboration. 
Raghed Charabaty
Raghed Charabaty is a Lebanese-Canadian filmmaker. Hailing from a small village in the Lebanese mountainside, Raghed began his film career with ‘Alia’ (2015) which received multiple accolades at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF’16) Canada’s Top Ten competition, the Festival du Nouveau Cinema’s Rencontres pan-Canadiennes du cinéma étudiant, and the NSCAD-Starfish Art Award. 
His work includes multiple short films, animated and live-action projects, a set of documentaries, and a number of feature screenplays dealing with desire, love and longing through the lens of surrealist compositions and visual poetry. As a synaesthete, Raghed's films often feature vibrant colors and prominent soundscapes. Charabaty is the recipient of the SSHRC Award in Honor of Nelson Mandela (2018) for his work on 'Of Sand and Gold', and has been selected as a Netflix-BANFF Diversity of Voices participant to present his latest feature fiction love-story, 'Amar'. 
As of 2022, Raghed has received multiple Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council grants to develop feature screenplays and produce projects. He is also an animator and a compositor, creating the VFX in his creative and commercial work. Raghed's films are part of the permanent collection at the NSCAD Anna Leonowens Art Gallery and the Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery.
In his spare time, Raghed likes to water his 40+ plants, wonder if he should propagate more, maybe eat a sandwich, make a list only to get buried under other lists, and ask his dog Tofu if she could walk him because he could use the sunlight.
+ Master's in Film Production, York University - 2019
+ Bachelor's in Film Production (minor in Art History), NSCAD University - 2016

+ Golden Lenses Award, "Amber in the Mountains", Looking China 2020
+ CGM Scholarship in Honour of Nelson Mandela - "Of Sand and Gold", SSHRC 2018 
+ Best Cinematography - "Yasmine", Lebanon International Short Film Festival, 2017
+ Runner-Up: Best Short Fiction Film - "Alia", Toronto International Film Festival, 2016
+ Best Student Short Film - "Alia", Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, 2015 
+ Starfish Art Award - "Alia", NSCAD University, 2015 

+ Netflix-BANFF Diversity of Voices Initiative, Banff World Media Festival 2022
+ Canada Council for the Arts - Grants (2019, 2021)
+ Ontario Arts Council - Grant (2021)
+ Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2018)
+ Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Award in Honour of Nelson Mandela (2017)
+ York University Graduate Fellowship (2017)
+ Arthur Lismer Award for Academic Excellence (2016)
Atefeh Khademolreza
Atefeh Khademolreza is an award-winning director and animator born in Iran and living in Toronto, Canada. Her films have screened at prestigious film festivals around the world. Atefeh is an alumnus of the Berlinale Talent Campus, the Asian Film Academy and Reelworld E20. She is the 2021 Filmmaker-in-Residence at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF’21) Micki Moore Residency. 
Atefeh's work explores the experience of disorientation and reorientation both culturally and socially. In all of her films, Atefeh brings a unique temporal experience to the story, merging parallel spaces and timelines on-screen, only to be solved like a Rubik's cube. 
An experienced animator, Atefeh's short film 'Comb Sister' won Best Short at the Beijing Academy Awards in 2021. Coming from a painting background dating back 15 years, Atefeh combines the art of drawing and brush strokes into her animated work, creating frames that go beyond rotoscopy and towards new and exciting mixed-medium visuals. In 2020, Atefeh received a Toronto Arts Council grant for her animated short film, 'Father Tree’. She is driven to tell stories about women, immigration, and identity.
Atefeh is a member of the Writers Guild of Canada and the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television.
In her spare time, Atefeh likes to go on nature walks in the nearby forest, care for her cat-child Buddy, and go rock-climbing every weekend if possible.

+ Master's in Film Production, York University - 2019
+ Master's of Arts in Animation Directing, Sooreh University - 2019
+ Certificate of Filmmaking, Asian Film Academy (Korea) - 2008
+ Bachelor's in Cinema Directing, Sooreh University - 2005

+ Golden Lenses Award, "Amber in the Mountains", Looking China 2020
+ Best Film & Best Directing - "Birthday", Festival Internacional de Cinema da Figueira da Foz, Portugal 2019
+ Best Short Film - "Birthday", 7th Indian Cine Film Festival, 2019
+ Ontario Graduate Scholarship Award - "Birthday", York University 2018

+ Toronto International Film Festival - TIFF Writer-in-Residence, Micki Moore Residency (2021)
+ Fellow at International Student Film Camp, Serbia, 2015
+ Berlinale Talents Campus, Berlin 2006
+ Toronto Arts Council - Grant (2020)
+ Reelworld E20 Filmmaker Lab, Toronto, 2019
+ Ontario Graduate Scholarship (2018)

A collection of trailers and films by Raghed Charabaty

A collection of trailers and films by Atefeh Khademolreza

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